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SSOTN Featured Member November 2002 - Bryan McCauley

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Full Name Bryan J McCauley
Screen Name Bry 03 cobra
Type and year of Mustang 2003 Sonic blue cobra coupe
Born where Camden NJ, 12/31/72
Reside Where Deptford NJ
Family Im the youngest of 4 brothers, Joe, Eric, Alex, And me. I live withe my Fiance' Franci
Pets 2 cats, Hollywood(male) and Magic(female)
Question and Answer
Modifications (car) as of today, K&N Filter, and a triax handle
Planned future mods Magnaflow Cat back, Diablo Chip(from Rick @ amazon)
Original Goal for car a civil 12 sec car
Present Goal for Car 425 RWHP
Reason for buying car There were many, but probably the main reason was. loved the idea of a 400 hp car w/ a warranty
Car / Driver achievements only car i ever raced was the 96 mystic. with it I ran a 13.1 @105 on beat DR's. Dont think thats too bad, only mods were pullies, cold air kit 4.10's bassani Catted X, should have let Bill or Krimp drive it, see what it could have really done. LOL
Shout outs or people that helped you achieve these goals There are too many to list, but the biggest help with the 96 was from Bill Tumas and Jimmy V. with the 03, Jimmy V and Rick @ amazon. And the people here (SSOTN) have helped me with many decisions I have made with the car, including the purchase of the 03.
Best time we will see nov 9th at the fall nats
Do you have any regrets along the way? Wish I would have got into cars sooner, My late Grandfather was an auto body guy, Die hard ford man. my first car was a 1971 Mach I. Once I drove it i was a car guy. since then I have had 7 mustangs. (71, 85 GT, 86 GT, 91 GT, 94 GT, 96 Cobra, 03 Cobra)
What was or is your favorite vehicle to this day and why? I love my current car, it is night and day from any of my others, power and ride. But Someday I will own a 427 cobra.
What does Bryan McCauley do for enjoyment besides racing? Growing up I played a bunch of sports, Ice hockey, Football and raced BMX. as I got older I started getting hurt, gave up Football in 11th grade, gave up hockey at 26. Been on bikes since I was 8 (BMX) mountain biking since I was 18. Cant give that up. Ya know the rush ya have drag racing, Imagine the rush blazing down a mountain at 45 MPH on a bicycle. My bike is all tricked out, Full suspension, Disc Brakes. Have about $5000 into it. Its like a dirt bike with pedals. LOL
What was your main reason was for becoming a part of the internets first and best mustang club? the people
Who is your biggest rival on the track, and why? Myself, I worry too much about breaking something.
What upcoming events do you plan on racing in if any? NATS! NATS! NATS!
One last question, What made the final decision to sell the mystic in favor of the 03 Cobra ? I had a plan for the car, simular to set up as Jimmy V's 96, except w/ a T56 and a Saleen Body kit. Add up the money. didnt make sense. The 03 has all I could ever ask for in a mustang.
We thank you for your time, and wish you the best in whatever you decide to do in the future.
Congrats to Bryan McCauley for being the SSOTN Featured Member for November 2002.

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