September 2002
  Jeff Clark
Clark Media/Pictures:
Name: Jeffrey Robert Clark
Screen Name: tracktoys
Type and year of Mustang: 1993 GT
Born where : some cave, raised by wolves
Reside where: under your bed with Burbank:)
Family: fiancee Susannah (she's the one who is always sleeping in the truck during the races)
Pets: 1 dog
What modifications? Oh crap here we go:
Stock block, stock cam, GT40 heads unported, GT40 intake unported, 65mm tb and EGR, 1.6rr, 30lb injectors, Vortech S-trim, Tremec 3550, king cobra clutch, 33 spline spool and hardened race axles from Moser, c-clip eliminators, Weld draglites 15x8 and 15x3, 28" MT ET Drag slicks, HPM double adjustable uppers, Maximum Motorsports lowers, Moroso trick drag front and rear drag springs, 255lph intank pump, MSD Digital 6, MSD coil, Adjustable fuel pressure regulator, and a bunch more stuff that I really can't remember.
Planned future mods nothing, I ran out of money. have to save for a wedding now
What was the original goal for the car? low 12's. That held up real long
What is the present goal for the car? 10's and beating some of the high 10sec aod guys (dream on - ed.)
Why did you buy the car? cheap performance, 00GT was killing me
What other cars have you considered buying? none. I wouldn't know what to do with something that wasn't a Mustang
Car/Driver Achievements? Widely regarded as the greatest stick driver in the world and referred to as the "Worlds Sexiest Man" by several magazines
Best Time? 11.68 at 116/1.59 60'
Do you have any regrets along the way? Not sticking with college. May go back someday, hopefully. Missed a lot of really good partying.
What was or is your favorite vehicle to this day and why? Tough. I loved the 00GT but was WAY too anal about it. I would have to say the 93GT because it has done everything I have asked and more. She never stops impressing me.
What was your main reason was for becoming a part of the internets first > and best mustang club? Well way back in 99, I met Matt and Angela at E-town during one of the Mustang showdowns. Bill and I were hooked instantly and have been members ever since. Matt and I also made it to the semi finals with Matt actually making it to the finals. It was a great time.
Who is your biggest rival on the track, and why? LOTS of people now. Bill has always been great to run, but we are now in seperate leagues. I really enjoy lining up against Alain because we are always door to door, when I don't fall asleep on the tree
What does Jeff Clark do for enjoyment besides racing? Uhhhh, uhhhhhh, HHHMMMMM?
Shout outs or people that helped you achieve these goals: My Old Man, Bill Tumas, Jimmy C., Aaron Gerhart and a slew of other people. Thanks everyone
What upcoming events do you plan on racing in if any? SSOTN Fall Nats!
We thank you for your time, and wish you the best in whatever you decide to do in the future.
Congrats to Jeff Clark for being the SSOTN Featured Member for September 2002.
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