September 2001
Jason Meiers'
1997 Mustang Cobra
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Name: Jason Meiers
Screen Name: (jmeiers)  Everywhere on the Net!!!
Born where: Caribou, Maine (I lived there maybe a month).  I lived in New Jersey until I was 18 and joined the USAF.
Reside where: Ashburn, Virginia since 1998.  I am no longer in the Air Force and this is where my resume brought me.
Pets: 1 Golden Retriever named Murray (that sings to Sugar Ray (Fly), No Shit either!!!)
Family: 1 wife named Staci and various family members from Long Island down to Alabama and as far west as California
What modifications? Stock Motor with 39,000 miles.  Did I say stock motor?
Power: 298 rwhp @ 6300 rpm 294 rwtq @ 4900 rpm, LaRocca's Dynotuned Autologic Chip, 24 degrees total timing, 13.3 A/F ratio, BBK Longtube Headers, Offroad H, MAC Flowpaths welded into stock pipes, WMS Velocity Tube, Pro-M 87mm MAF, Steeda Pulleys, Steeda Timing Adjuster, the rest of the motor is stock from TB to Oilpan.
Driveline: FRPP Billet Steel Flywheel, McLeod Kevlar Disc, FRPP HD Pressure Plate, Steeda Firewall Adjuster, Tremec T-45, Steeda Tri-Ax Shifter, FRPP Aluminum Driveshaft, FRPP 4.56 gears, TracTech C-Locker, Moser 31 spline Axles, T/A Cover, Axle Tubes Welded 
Suspension: Tokico 5-way Adjustable Drag Struts and Stock Rear Shocks, HPM Megabite Jr. Lower Control Arms and Stock Uppers, FMS "C" springs, Adjustable airbags in rear springs. 
Wheels/Tires: Front - Weld ProStars 15x3.5, Pepboy 165/15 radials, 3.5" ARP wheel studs
Rear - Weld ProStars 15x10, Mickey Thompson ET Drag 26x10 slicks, 3" Moroso wheel studs 
Weight Reduction/Removal: Front Swaybar, Passenger Seat, MLR RearSeat Delete, Spare/Jack, Wipers/Antenna 
What mods do you plan in the future? Built N/A motor or Vortech, either way I want 10's and everyone will know at the Spring Nats next year.
What was the original goal for the car? Fast and comfortable, 13 sec street car.  Low 12's, never imagined that!
What is the present goal for car? 11.9999999999 and 1.5x 60ft. sometime this fall on the STOCK MOTOR, N/A of course.
Why did you buy the car? I got out of the Air Force and since I had a bigger paycheck, I decided to sell my 1993 GT and buy a Cobra.
What other cars have you considered buying? 1993 Cobra (Red), 1998 Cobra (Yellow), TT Supra (too much money)
Car/Driver Achievements? Hopefully 11's soon.  I really don't have any accomplishments....yet!!!  But, I do feel a sense of achievement after I just finish ripping off a low 12 and then have the F-body boys come over to the car, ask me to pop my hood, and start searching high and low for a Nitrous line.  Puts a smile on my face everytime.:)
Best Time? 12.18 @ 113 MPH  1.60 60ft.
I know you are a hard core NA guy....Ever thought about a power adder?  I have always thought about a blower.  I really want one but I keep holding out for that damn
What was or is your favorite vehicle to this day and why? Definitely the Cobra I have now.  I got less mods in it than my old 1993 GT and go a full second faster
What do you  do for enjoyment besides racing? Running my Nitro powered, 4wd Monster Truck, the T-Maxx.  For anyone that knows about Nitro R/C cars, my T-Maxx has a 2+ HP .21 engine in it and pops wheelies in 1st and 2nd gear.  Simply Awesome!!!  This is still considered racing, but I guess I just can't get enough of racing in any form.
What was your main reason was for becoming a part of the Internet's first and best Mustang club? I had just got my Cobra early last year and I put out an ad on the net to trade my old 26x8.5 ET Drags, from my 93 GT, for a set of 275/50/15 BFG Drag radials.  Well, Wimp answered the ad.  We met halfway at one of the rest stops on I-95 near Cecil.  We traded tires and he told me about and invited me to join SSOTN.  When I got home, I joined the same day.  I still remember his little boy jumping in my drivers seat and was gonna steal my wife and car, LOL!!!!
Who is your biggest rival on the track, and why? Myself.  I am always trying to one-up everything I do in that car.  It could be the launch or the 2-3 shift, anything, I just always try to do better each and every run.  I also like running Bill Tumas.  Our cars usually run very close.  But, from what I hear, I think he's got me covered for the Fall
Nats, hehe.
What upcoming events in 2001, 2002 do you plan on racing in if any? Any SSOTN event. The Modular Shootout wherever it is located. For 2002, I would like to hit as
many NMRA or FFW races I possibly can.
Shout-Outs? My wife Staci for letting me spend ALL my extra income on THAT DAMN CAR, lol!!!  Chris at Excessive Motorsport in Manassas, VA for doing most of the work on my car.  Modular Racing in general.  I feel Modulars are the underdogs and need to prove their existence in the racing world.  I am just one of many trying to prove what Modular can do.  When was the last time you seen a stock 5.0 run what I have in the next question???
So what are you going to do to celebrate when you go 11's NA for the first time? Go to Disney World.  Just kidding.  Prolly make tons of copies of the timeslip and frame
the original.  This will be after I am done drinking myself into a drunken stupor.
How far do you feel an NA car can be pushed with the stock engine? 11.9999999999 and beyond, with the right weather and traction.  I feel there is a time and place for
everything and if you are patient enough, anything can happen.
We thank you for your time, and wish you the best in whatever you decide to do in the future.
Much thanks to Jason Meiers for being the SSOTN Featured Member for September 2001.
Interview conducted by :   Bill Tumas - Event Director
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