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SSOTN - Featured Member

June 2007 Featured Member
Full Name Josh Mills
Screen Name 89gt308
Type and year of car

85 coupe and 88 coupe


Born where Maryland
Reside Where

Glenville, PA

Family My wife Jen and son Lane

5 cats and 1 mini dachshund

What modifications do you have to the car(s)?

the 85 is in the process of being converted to 87-93 body style. low compression 306 ford racing b block, ported J302 aluminum heads, cartech street sleeper 64mm turbo kit, pa C4 with reverse manual valve body and trans brake, ptc stall converter, coil over conversion with comp engineering drag struts up front, adj shocks and 4 cyl springs in rear.

What mods to you have planned for the future?

C4 is only temp until i have the AOD done up for it

What was your original goal for the car(s)?

this was going to be my car but needed something that didnt have anything done to it yet so im building this 85 for my wife

What is your present goal for car(s)?
get it running and painted
What was your reason for buying the car(s)?

i wanted another coupe after selling my last one to lane palmer

What other cars have you considered buying/presently own?

87-93 gt vert, 69 mach 1

How did you find this car?
just happened to come across it one day going to my garage
What is your favorite thing about your car? 
id have to say the time ive been getting to work on it for now
What are some of your Car / Driver achievements?

swapping out all the wiring and interior so far on this 85

Shout outs to people that helped you achieve these goals?

doug "thrashn" and dan "padan" they drive roughly an hour to give me a hand. i dont know what id do without there help. a BIG thanks goes out to them. the BIGGEST shout out goes to my wife for putting up with all the buying and selling of cars and parts!!

What is your Best 1/4 time?
i raced an 88 lx that had 215k miles on it i had back in 2001, the car was all stock except for exhaust. best i could get on street tires was 15.21 with a .798 reaction and a 2.34 60 foot


Do you have any regrets along the way?
none what so ever

What was or is your favorite vehicle to this day and why?
i had a 65 falcon when i was in high school that i spent ever pay check on, i ended up getting married and of went the car.
What other things do you enjoy besides cars?
spending time with the family, model cars, hunting and fishing, floating in the pool
What upcoming events in 2007 do you plan on attending, if any?
ford carlisle, fall nats and some trips to the race track


How did you find SSOTN?
from my friend rick i believe his screen name is "rick91gt"

Congrats to Josh Mills for being the SSOTN Featured Member for June 2007.
Interview conducted by: Matthew DeCillis - Webmaster

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