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SSOTN - Featured Member

June 2006 Featured Member
Full Name Matthew Pasquella
Screen Name 5.0MustangGT
Type and year of car

89 4 Banger LX 5 Speed(First car I ever had) 88 Mustang GT with 253k on it 04 Mustang Mach 1 03 Mustang Cobra

Born where Toms River, NJ
Reside Where

Toms River, NJ

Family My mother is the only one still goin

1 Cat that is 17 yrs old and still playing

What modifications do you have to the car(s)?

2.81” Pulley, Full Length Subframe Connecters, No mufflers, and a MAF Adapter with a K&N filter.

What mods to you have planned for the future?

Upgraded Idler Pulleys, Lower the car 1.5”, Short Throw Shifter, O/R H Pipe With Some Mufflers, Bigger Intercooler, and a Carbon Fiber Dash Kit.

What was your original goal for the car(s)?

To beat Don (Sorry man) and run a mid 12 and lower.

What is your present goal for car(s)?

To beat Bob L. and run a 11.9 or better on street tires.

What was your reason for buying the car(s)?

Its been my dream car ever since I bought my first Mustang.

What other cars have you considered buying/presently own?

A Lancer Evo VIII, I love how they look and handle.

What are some of your Car / Driver achievements?

Nothing as of yet.

Shout outs to people that helped you achieve these goals?

Stephen for making me go to that first Nats. DynoJoe for givin the car a tune and all his BBQs, and everyone else on SSOTN that helped me whenever I asked a question.

What is your Best 1/4 time?

12.60 at 116 (Rolling off the line because it was just tuned).

Do you have any regrets along the way?
Nothing at all.

What was or is your favorite vehicle to this day and why?
I love Toyota Supras and the Ford GT.
What other things do you enjoy besides cars?
I love working on computers, and putting all the time I have towards my son to make sure he has the best life he can.
What upcoming events in 2006 do you plan on racing in if any?
Fall Nats, then Spring Nats. Plus a few other test and tunes along the way.


What is your favorite thing about the Nats?
Meeting everyone and them saying “Is there a flounder here if so please come to the booth”.
How did you find SSOTN?
I found it watching Lane’s flip over in his LX. I viewed the comments on the video and someone said something about the website and now here I am.

Congrats to Matthew Pasquella for being the SSOTN Featured Member for June 2006.
Interview conducted by : John Paulson - Founder
Web Site Production: Matthew DeCillis - Webmaster

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