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SSOTN - Featured Member

May 2007 Featured Member
Full Name Ryan Citta
Screen Name CKCobra
Type and year of car

1998 Cobra and 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee


Born where Chicago, IL
Reside Where

Chicago, IL

Family Me

2 Cats (Dublin & Cork)

What modifications do you have to the car(s)?

Currently, just a Tremec TKO. I had removed everything because I was going to sell it and get the new Cobra, but now I'm not sure what I gonna do.

What mods to you have planned for the future?

This all depends on if I get a new Cobra or keep my current one.

What was your original goal for the car(s)?

The original goal was to get into the 11s.

What is your present goal for car(s)?
To get it out of the garage and actually drive it.


What was your reason for buying the car(s)?

I really liked the Bright Atlantic Blue color and I wanted a hardtop for racing.

What other cars have you considered buying/presently own?

I initially wanted the 04 Cobra and now I'm considering the new Cobra.

How did you find this car?
There really isn't a story around it. My friend saw it sitting on a dealer's lot and told me about it.
What are some of your Car / Driver achievements?

Not much in this area. I haven't been to the track enough to achieve anything worth mentioning.

Shout outs to people that helped you achieve these goals?

Pretty much everyone from SSOTN has either directly or indirectly helped me.

What is your Best 1/4 time?


Do you have any regrets along the way?
None so far.

What was or is your favorite vehicle to this day and why?
Its a toss-up between my current Cobra and my previous '97 Cobra Convert. They each have their strong points.
What other things do you enjoy besides cars?
Hockey, biking
What upcoming events in 2007 do you plan on attending, if any?
Possibly attending WFC and/or the NMRA event at Joliet.


What do you enjoy most about web design?
The only time I really do web stuff is for the club. I like doing it because it keeps me some what up to date with web technology. Update to the site coming later this summer.
How did you find SSOTN?
It's been so long I don't remember exactly. I think I saw something on the corral about it when it was first starting out.
Do you think you'll ever make it to a Nats event?
Every Year I always tell myself that I'm going to go to the next event, but unfortunately real life gets in the way. I'll make it one of these days.

Congrats to Ryan Citta for being the SSOTN Featured Member for May 2007.
Interview conducted by: Matthew DeCillis - Webmaster

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