May 2002
  Christine Caselli
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Name: Christine Caselli
Screen Name: Topless In Texas aka: TNT, Crash Caselli(long Story, too long for this write up!)
Born where : St. Lukes Hospital...HOUSTON ,TEXASS
Reside where: League City, Texas
Family: One daughter, Caitlin Christine:9yrs. old
Pets: I love animals!!! 2 dogs(had them before Caitlin)Kinde and KoKo/Pomeranians..3 Turtles(Red Ear Sliders)Kelly, Albert and Samantha, 2 Freshwater fish tanks, and one baby fish nursery
What modifications? Modifications : Gosh, I guess I'll start from the beginning. I bought Topless about 4 years ago w/ about 40K on her. She has the Mach 460 Sound System w/ a single CD and ALSO has a 12 disk changer in the trunk!
The first thing we did was put on the Mac Off Road H-pipe and the Ford Motorsport Underdrive Pulleys and the K&N. Replaced the stock headers w/ Mac Unequal shorties. It came w/ the Flowmasters on it. Got the light bar from Classic Design Concepts. I love the way it looks!Just put the Throttle Body Sensor on about a month or so ago, and am waiting to put in my new, shiny fuel pressure regulator! :)
Bumped it up to a 3.55 rear end. Replaced the stock 16" wheels w/ the 17" 5 spoke and had them polished. (off a '94) and put '97 centercaps on them. When I really started to show alot I started polishing and chroming things. The first things that I had polished were the upper intake and the wheels..As far as chroming goes, I had the alternator,strut brace,hood prop, and bought some chromed Valve Covers. When I got the valve covers, I took the engine down myself and put the valve covers on and put it back together! That made me feel GREAT! I painted the embossed pony on my hood blanket red w/ my car paint to make it stand out.
I polished all the fuel lines and the Throttle body myself as well. Then everything else I could see I could polish I did. I purchased all the chrome/polished covers for everything else like the fuse box cover, strut brace covers,mastercylinder and radiator covers from Mustangs Unlimited, California Mustang, and Steeda. Also have the Mac Cold Air Induction, and the Mac chromed radiator hoses.
Put in the aluminum GT pedals myself. Had the GT alum. Scuff plates in the interior put in. Replaced the factory gauges w/ the Cobra Indiglo 5 color gages. Billet knobs for the a/c controls. Had some custom PONY leather headrests embroideried. Replaced the stock, cracked leather seats w/ some used seats that weren't as worn.
Finally replaced the stock Carpet last November before Houston/Autorama. I stripped the whole inside down myself to do that. I also put the Honeycomb grille on, and the Flaming Pony Grille Emblem .. I myself replaced my stock headlights w/ the Cobra Clear diamond Headlights, and had my taillights replaced w/ the '97 taillights with the all red lenses and the black housing. Alot of times the tailights and the wheels throw people, they cant figure if it is a '94-'95 or later! hehe! I have a sequencer given to me by a friend last year that came off his '69GT350 that I am having modified to go in my taillights! I cant wait for that!!
The last thing I have done that was my ultimate goal was to replace the Flows w/ the SVO/BORLA side exaust system. I had that done as well last fall! I had Chuck Coupland from Couplands/LaPorte do some custom graphics for me. He did an AWESOME job!!! I dont think you will see another Stang w/ the paint job that I have on my skirts! I love the way it sounds, and I'm very happy w/ the performance. The only complaint of my whole car is the Gas Mileage is TERRIBLE! This is my only car and I drive it daily, and it sucks gas! I have just turned over 101,200 miles this week.
I have just got in my new top/rear window w/ defogger. I am waiting to get it installed. My original top is finally breaking down and starting to tear...I'm not even gonna tell ya that I have to have some ducttape 'patches'!! Thank God, I leave the top down most the time!
I must now order ANOTHER set of side scoops to replace the set that was just stolen last weekend! This will be my 3rd set of sidescoops, but I love the way it looks! And I am also about to buy another shifter. Either a Pro 5.0 or the Trimek. I'm undecided....After driving Jimmy V's car, I was sold, gotta get rid of that stock shifter!!!
I would love to paint her, but I dont see that happening. Maybe if she was not my daily driver. I have some plastic parts I want chromed like the back to my firewall, and some other small parts.
Editor note: this lady can really 'talk'!!!
What was the original goal for the car? I originally bought her because I had a V-6 Verte for about a year. My first MUSTANG....I felt the need for more power and speed....then again, who doesn't? My very first car was a grungy old Pinto that was NASTY! (as in YUK!) I got it when I was 19(started driving late in life!) and the very first day I got it(It was a stick) and it SNOWED here in Texas!!!! What an expierience! I'm kicking myself now for now getting a pic of that ugly thing! I had no inkling as to what was gonna happen between me and my car in the next 4 years to come!!!!!! I have loved EVERY Minute of it.(except for when she is down!)
What is the present goal for the car? I need to get the top replaced, and to get back into the show circuit HEAVEY!! I'm the Show Team/Parades Coordinator for my Club, Space City Cruisers. Since I have just recently purchased a house a couple of months ago, my car and my duties have been neglected! I'd like to get back into the swing of things and continue to Show my baby w/ pride. It makes me feel good when I get comments on how good she looks for the year/miles on her! I would also like to race her more! I've only taken her to the track a few times. Shes not the fastest, but I love to race! I still have alot to learn about it. Specially w/ the 5 speed. I always freak out a little when I get up to stage. I want to be more comfortable and have it come more second nature to me! But, I know that will only come w/ more practice!!! :D
Why did you buy the car? For more power and an 'upgrade' is why I bought Topless.
What other cars have you considered buying? Gosh, if i was to buy another,(which I wont anytime soon), I would love to see in my driveway: a Saleen Convertible, a GTO, a mid/late 60's Fast Back. I would REALLY love to have a GTO. I know it not FORD, but something about those cars, do it for me!
Car/Driver Achievements? I was featured w/ my car about 3 years ago in Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords. A small thing about us at FFW in Ennis 4 years ago. This was our VERY FIRST SHOW, and I had NO CLUE what to do! I still got a Top 20, and that hooked me for the long haul!
The next year at Ennis, Dennis Gage of "My Classic Car" asked me for an interview...It was soooo cool. They finally showed the segment a year later. Since then it has been rerun dozens of times on TNT and Speedvision. My car has changed alot since then, but THIS WAS DEFINETELY the hightlight of my show career! They were very nice, and I got some freebies, got paid $1.00 and got some autographs from him. After that we had some pics and a little story featured in Mustang Illustrated when they did the coverage for that show at Ennis...I think Its cool when I would go to the boards at MustangWorks (my other home) and see someone post "I saw Topless on TV today"!
Also, being able to judge the ISCA Autorama/Houston was def. a high point too! Some of the best show cars around. It was a great expierience, and something I wont soon forget!
To date, I believe I have about 75 trophies in my Trophy/Computer Room....Its alot of work to show your daily driver, but its sooo rewarding!
Best Time? My car runs about high 14's at best at this point. I dont foresee it getting any better. I'm happy w/ that just as long as it stays consistant!
Do you have any regrets along the way? [My only regret is that I didnt buy something else earlier on as a daily driver so I wouldn't have to drive her every day. And I wish I'd have gotten into the sport sooner! But, I'm glad I did it! I love it and I love the whole car aspect thing. I'm I guess what you could call a gear head in a way. Its nice when I'm cutting some guys hair, and can talk cars and engines w/ them. Then i wont shut up!
What was your main reason was for becoming a part of the internets first > and best mustang club? When I flew East last Fall to meet some friends from MustangWorks and come to ya'lls Nats....Everyone was soo nice! I joined immediately after I arrived back into Texas. I was active for about a week, then drifted off....I can honestly say that now, I feel like I've found another home! You guys...Chris('96Sidewinder), Rich,Glen and Dianna,Jimmy V, Eric, Matt,Nick and the others have been sooo great and so nice! And I can see myself making this a regular trip!
What upcoming events in 2002 do you plan on racing in if any? I want to go to the track more this year. I want to just run and get better at racing. I wish ya'll weren't so far away, I would LOVE to bring my car up there for your Shootouts!!!!!
Who is your biggest rival on the track, and why? Myself! I expect the best from myself, and if I dont feel I get it, it upsets me!
One last question, What did you think about your recent trip up north for the SSOTN Nats event? Like I have said before, everyone made me feel so welcome, and I had soooo much fun, I hope ya'll dont mind if I make a trip up there every few months!! Its great to be around so many guys and gurls who are SO into thier Stangs, and who have such a great time! It's an honor for me to even be considered to be featured on your web-site, and I hope that I can in turn be helpful to ya'll if you ever need it! And if anybody ever makes the trip down here to Texass, I would be VERY disappointed, if you didn't let me know first!!!!!!!!! Maybe sometimes ya'll can come down this way for some events here! And also, do a little Armadillo Watching in the meantime! hehe.
But, until that can happen, I'll see ya'll in June at Cecil for the Mod Motor ShootOut!!!!!! :)
We thank you for your time, and wish you the best in whatever you decide to do in the future.
Congrats to Topless In Texas for being the SSOTN Featured Member for May 2002.
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