April 2002
  Adam & Judy Dugger
1988 Mustang GT
1999 Mustang GT
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Name: Adam & Judy Dugger
Screen Name: Adam88 / Judy99
Born where : Brooklyn, NY and Lynbrook, NY
Reside where: Lynbrook, NY
Family: Just us
Pets: Dog Sandy
What modifications? Modifications (88): Vortech S-Trim. DSS/Fastlane Racing 306, Ebrock Performer 5.0 heads, AFM B3 camshaft, FRPP SSC headers, FRPP Cobra intake, 36#inj, Walbro Gss240 intank, T rex inline, Kirban regulator 95 Cobra fuel rails, MSD 6AL, MSD 6BTM, Crane PS91 coil, Bassani X Pipe With Cats, Flowmaster 3ch Dynomax SS LX tailpipes, Art Carr AOD with Lentech Street terminator non lockup converter, PI 3200 stall converter with 1pc Art Carr input shaft, FRPP alum DS, 31spl trac lok 3.73 rear end, Autometer Phantom Guages, BBK white faced gauges, Autopower rollbar, RJS cam locks, white ltd edition pony wheels 225/50/16 fronts and 245/50/16 Nitto DRsSteeda G trac suspsneion, Max Motorsports panhard bar, yadda yadda yadda...
Modifications (99): Flowmaster 2 chamber mufflers, Bassani X pipe with cats, K&N Conical air filter 35th Anniversary Dash Bezel, MGW machined billet aluminum satin headlight knob, Scott Winger's Polished Aluminum Bumper Inserts
What mods do you plan in the future? The 88 will be getting a full SN95 brake upgrade along with 17wheels, and some fresh paint on the front of the car.
The 99 will be kept clean, maybe getting a timing adjuster this year to try to crack into the 13 second zone.
What was the original goal for the cars? The original goal of the 88 was to have a stock Mustang with rear disc brakes. HAHA!
THe original goal of the 99 was to have a nice cruiser, occasional racer.
What is the present goal for the cars? I want to complete the planned upgrades on both cars, and enjoy them a bit more. I am hoping to perhaps show both of them.
Why did you buy the cars? The 88 I bought in 1992. I figured I was ready to get the Mustang I really wanted and sell my then Escort GT.
The 99 we bought in August of 2000. Judy drove Jimmy V's 99GT, and she ripped up the block. She was hooked and wanted her own.
What other cars have you considered buying? I was lookin specifically for a 1987-1990 Mustang GT when I bought mine. I knew I wanted white and I knew I wanted an AOD. I had considered buy8ing an Eagle Talon at the time... just for practicality I guess. I'm glad I didn't. The 99 we pretty much knew exactly what we wanted. A 99GT auto, Judy wanted the silver.. I of course wanted white. I love the silver now and I am glad we went that route.
Car/Driver Achievements? The 88 is a three time undefeated SSOTN Grudge Match winner, even if we had to blow it up to win, we'd win!
The 99 is probably one of the most balanced cars we have ever owned. We just love it. The smile that Judy has as she drives it means more to me than any trophy the 88 could bring home.
Best Time? 88 GT : 11.40@122 on 26x8.5 slicks / 99 GT: 14.20@98 on BFG 255/45/17s
Do you have any regrets along the way? [Adam] I guess I could have picked a lighter car to start out with, but then again drag racing the 88 is not the primary mission for the car. If I had wanted a drag car I wouldn't have chosen such a oinker. I guess I should have made a plan and stuck to it. you find out that you buy parts only to upgrade later on, when you should have just bought the parts you really would have used soon enough anyway.
[Judy] I wish we would have bought the newer body style car sooner!
What was or is your favorite vehicle to this day and why? The 88 was definately my favorite car when I drove it every day, but since then I have gotten used to beater daily drivers. The 88 will always be 'my' car because its been part of my life for so long. I guess its still my favorite car. The 99 is still familiar as a Mustang but you can feel the difference and how much the breed has evolved.
What was your main reason was for becoming a part of the internets first > and best mustang club? I signed up online, did some online BSing, then attended a Christmas party at "Casa Wimpsa" and met some fine people. Then started meeting up on and off the track with more and more members and making great friends along the way.
What upcoming events in 2002 do you plan on racing in if any? As of right now, racing is on the back burner while we tend to other things. However, we will surely be attending the NMRA Nats at Maple Grove and hopefully the fall SSOTN Nats.
Who is your biggest rival on the track, and why? [Adam] I guess Jimmy V even though his 99 is much faster than me..fun to smack talk, turfmn, since he won't give up :) and NO MANRZ since he has a similar combo to me and since he is such a good friend its too much fun to not line up next to him.
[Judy] I'll still race Romano anyday. Last time we lined up, I almost caught him!
One last question, What is it like to sleep with all Burbank's cats when you goto Maple Grove every year? [Judy] The Burbank home is always open for us in June with a very happy go lucky environment filled with warm and fuzzy friends
[Adam] I'd have to ask Jim McInnis. He has had more intimate contact with those cats than anyone. Mr Moshey rules.
We thank you for your time, and wish you the best in whatever you decide to do in the future.
Congrats to Adam & Judy for being the SSOTN Featured Member for April 2002.
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