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SSOTN - Featured Member

February 2008 Featured Member
Full Name Rich Smith
Screen Name fast88
Type and year of car

88 Mustang LX Hatch


Born where Wilmington DE.
Reside Where

New Castle DE.

Family Daughter Chrissy, Son Nicholas, and my bestest buddy Tracy :)


June 2003 Feature

What modifications do you have to the car(s)?

Everything has been modified...haha

What mods to you have planned for the future?

Right now theres a new bullet in the works for 2008.....thats all I can say right now.

What was your original goal for the car(s)? (June 2003)

To go 10.99 all motor and stick shifted

What is your present goal for car(s)?
Present goals for the car is to finish Top 3 in N/A Shootout Radial points, 60ft in the 1.2 range and maybe even get somebody to put it in a magazine.....hehe
What was your reason for buying the car(s)? (June 2003)

I wanted a Mustang

Car / Driver achievements:?
2005 D/R 7....2006 D/R 4.....2007 D/R 4.
Shout outs to people that helped you achieve these goals?

First I gotta thank Tracy once again for putting up with the time and expense it takes to run this car and stay at a competitve level.....SHE ROCKS THE HOUSE!!!! (shes definatly gonna rock the house when she sees my engine bill :) Also thanks goes to Spence Hart, he was a vital part in the build of the car and for the last 4 years has called the shots crewchiefing at all the races. The things that the car and myself have accomplished could not have happend without his knowledge and willingness to teach me exactly what it takes to race in the heads-up world. THANKS SPENCE!! Id also like to thank Ron Rhodes for the killer horsepower and the time he devotes to my engine program. Its an honor for me to represent Ron and Larry and fly the Rhodes Custom Auto banner on the car.

What is your Best 1/4 time?
9.58 @ 139
Who is your biggest rival on the track, and why?
Im still my own worst enemy on the track.......theres alot of passes Id like to have back just because of me making silly mistakes.
What is your favorite thing about your car?
Man thats a tough one....lol I'd have to say the best parts of the car are all the hand fabbed "one off" stuff that Spence has fabricated for it over the years.


How did you choose the color of your car?
Tracy and I were taking a ride one day and she saw a car sitting up in a driveway and fell in love with the color. I found out the make and model on the car and the guys at Rhodes mixed up a custom version of it for the car.
You have made major changes since the last feature.  If you could go
back, would you change anything along the way?
I wouldnt change a thing.
What events will you be attending in 2008?
Well be attending all the N/A Shootout events as well as the local NMRA and NMCA events.

Congrats to Rich Smith for being the SSOTN Featured Member for February 2008.
Interview conducted by: Matthew DeCillis - Webmaster

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