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February 2007 Featured Member
Full Name Philip Sabatino
Screen Name Cobra Jet NJ
Type and year of car

1994 Cobra coupe (and I also own a 1994 full size Ford Bronco XLT w/ 5.0)


Born where NJ
Reside Where

Southern NJ

Family Christine (Fiance) and her two children

(2) Miniature Pinschers (brother & sister) both are 5 months old

What modifications do you have to the car(s)?

ENGINE: stock SVT GT40 5.0 engine, Romac SFI harmonic balancer, BBK underdrive crank pulley, factory oil cooler removed to run larger oil filter, Misc. ARP bolts & fasteners, emissions crossover tube removed & associated parts on passenger side, bypassed smog w/ short belt, K&N air filter

IGNITION: Crane Hi-6 ignition, Accel ignition coil, Accel cap & rotor kit, FMS ignition wires, Autolite plugs FUEL/ECM: stock 94 Cobra parts

COOLING: SPAL 11" dual electric fan setup, Hayden electronic fan controller, FMS water pump, BMW coolant, Fluidyne radiator, 1997 Cobra A/C condensor, 180* thermostat, Moroso coolant catch container

DRIVETRAIN: stock Cobra T5, Energy Suspension trans mount, Pro 5.0 shifter, FMS aluminum driveshaft, FMS King Cobra clutch kit, FMS flywheel, Centerforce TOB, Maximum Motorsports clutch cable, Maximum Motorsports clutch quadrant kit, FMS 3.73 gears, T&A 8.8 rear cover

EXHAUST: BBK LT headers, BBK offroad H, BBK O2 extension harnesses, 2.5" Flowmaster 40's w/ 2.5" intermediate pipes and 2.5" Flowmaster SS tips

SUSPENSION: FMS strut tower brace, 1995 Cobra R front sway bar, Maximum Motorsports CC plates, Energy Suspension front sway bar end links, Energy Suspension front & rear spring isolators, Energy Suspension steering rack bushings, Bilstein front struts and rear shocks, H&R front & rear springs, Steeda rear upper control arms, Hotchkis rear lower control arms, 2004 Cobra front A-arms, Wild Rides subframe connectors

INTERIOR: Black cloth seats, (5) Auto Meter mechnical gauges, Auto Meter Gauge pod, Auto Meter dash pod, entire MACH460 system removed and upgraded stereo system installed

EXTERIOR: Factory paint, 17x9 and 17x10.5 aftermarket black Bullit rims w/ custom Cobra center caps and wrapped in Sumitomo HTRZ 275/40's (front) and 315/35's (rear) MISC: Alarm system, Sirius Satellite equipped, anti theft lugs, CCRM relocated from stock location in engine bay, stock coolant bottle & associated parts deleted and factory fan turn on bypassed

What mods to you have planned for the future?

Definitely a supercharger w/ proper tune, AFR heads, FMS 1.72 roller rockers, FMS hardened pushrods, Fox upper intake/throttle body swap using 93 Cobra upper intake & FMS 65mm throttle body, C&L CAI - that is if I don't sell the car before the mods!

What was your original goal for the car(s)?

The Cobra was 100% bone stock when purchased and the original goal was to MODIFY, MODIFY, MODIFY!! Oh, and to keep it as long as I can before getting bored again and switching out to another Mustang! :)

What is your present goal for car(s)?
Make it last another 125k if I don't sell, as it currently has 125,xxx original miles on it


What was your reason for buying the car(s)?

I traded in my previous 95 BMW M3 for it. I had owned a prior 96 Laser Red Cobra which I had traded in for the M3, but after owning the M3 for a couple of years, I wanted to get back into another Cobra. The next Cobra I wanted had to have a factory 5.0 engine (rather than another modular Cobra) and it had to be red over black! :)

What other cars have you considered buying/presently own?

I drove a 2003 Cobra right before seeing and buying my 94 Cobra. I thought about buying the 2003 Cobra, but just did not want the large monthly car payments anymore and opted for my 94 Cobra.

How did you find this car?
I was looking online for another Cobra and spotted the classified ad that was in the Auto Trader. The car was purchased from Bargain Hunter Auto Sales in Deptford NJ. I went to look at the car as it was touted as being "100% original and a single owner vehicle". After looking it over in person and confirming the ownership history, I bought the car as it was truly 100% untouched and a single owner vehicle. Bargain Hunter treated me fairly, the folks there are GREAT, HONEST and run a tip top business. I would not hesitate purchasing another car from them in the future (and they do deal with alot of Mustangs/sports cars).
What is your favorite thing about your car?

Well, I don't have a single favorite thing, but multiple things come to mind - 1) the color, love the color, 2) the fact that it has 125,xxx original miles and everyone compliments it and most don't believe it has that many miles until looking at the odometer, 3) FUN FACTOR and 4) RARITY.

What are some of your Car / Driver achievements?

Just being born in America and being able to own THE Pony car that represents America is an achievement most envy... and of course being fortunate enough with having a healthy life and mind that enables me to enjoy the vehicle and modify it with my own two hands!

Shout outs to people that helped you achieve these goals?

EVERYONE on SSOTN - tons of excellent folks on here, many of whom I have met in person once or on multiple occasions. The folks on this site are great, very helpful, courteous and make one feel like "part of the family". There are MANY other folks to shout out to and many other websites I belong to, but just listing those would take up too much space!

What is your Best 1/4 time?
N/A - car has never seen the track, it's mostly show-n-go!


Do you have any regrets along the way?
None. Every decision made in modifying the vehicle to what it is today and every decision I have made along the way with any Mustang I have owned, I'd never go back and change anything.

What was or is your favorite vehicle to this day and why?
1968 SHELBY GT500KR - I LOVE the styling lines, the agressiveness, the power and the fact that it was not only a product of Ford, but that it was a Carroll Shelby production model.
What other things do you enjoy besides cars?
Women... music, helping out others who may need assistance and just being able to live life to it's fullest to the best of my ability.
What upcoming events in 2007 do you plan on racing in or attending, if any?
I don't have any in mind at the moment, it really all depends on my availability due to work & personal happenings.


What do you like best about New Jersey?
The Pine Barrens with all of it's open space & wilderness... and the fact that Atco Raceway sits smack dab in the middle of it!
You sell a lot of parts, can you share any tips?
Be HONEST, POLITE, be down to earth, act yourself, sell used parts at decent prices and be sure to help out fellow Mustang Enthusiasts whenever possible. Just by being that type of Seller, well actually, that type of individual, the trust goes a long way in meeting many other Mustang/Automotive Enthusiasts and making tons of friends.
How did you find SSOTN?
I was on Corral.net years ago and had heard about SSOTN and once I joined here, it's been a very positive experience for me and I'm basically a "lifer" to SSOTN as long as this site exists! THANKS SSOTN!!!

Congrats to Philip Sabatino for being the SSOTN Featured Member for February 2007.
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