July 2001 Christopher Purvis’ 1994 Mustang GT

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Name:Christopher Purvis
Screen Name:1994cobra / “Nervous Purvis”
Born where:Springfield PA.. I was born in this area, and I’m still here 27 years later… Looks like I’m stuck here… But its close to three tracks so hey, can you blame me?
Reside where:See Above
Pets:Two cats Wickett (Named after an Ewok from StarWars), and Chloe
Family:Same as me, they’ll never leave Springfield/Ambler


What modifications?Lets see.. Ill keep it to the major mods… Lets follow the air along as it travels through my engine… Air enters through an AFM “Power Pipe” and is sucked through a 75mm Bullet MAF. A Vortech V1 S-trim, making lots of noise with its non helical cut gears (which is just the way I like it) and uses the stock HO 3.3  pulley to stuff 11 pounds of boost  through a 65mm FMS TB. Air is then fed through a Cobra intake that has a hand ported lower and, just this week, an upper that has been Extrude Honed. TFS aluminum Twisted Wedge heads with a “stage two” porting route air into a completely stock 94′ bottom end, while an FMS E-cam with 1.6 Crane Rockers actuates the valves.. BBK longtube Headers and an off-road pipe evacuate the gasses in a timely fashion while the Flowmaster 3 chamber “Force 2” cat back system make it all sound pretty. The car also sports a Performance improvement harness which allows me to use a 91′ 5.0 computer.
What mods do you plan in the future?FMS Extender, adjustable struts, 306 Bullet down the line
What was the original goal for the car?12 second daily driver
What is the present goal for car?10 second street car, and to beat Road Runner (Eric B)
Why did you buy the car?To drive it.. and the fact that Mustangs rule!!!!
What other cars have you considered buying?Camaro LS1 Yikes!!! Its true, I almost abandoned Mustangs back in 96..
Car/Driver Achievements?Well, I haven’t “achieved” crap. But I can claim that I’ve had a ton of fun over the last few years with my buddies Bill, Rich, Brian, Krimp, and more recently my friends from SSOTN. I try to achieve little triumphs like helping fellow members out with mod advice on things that I have had experience with.. I really feel knowledge sharing is important for everyone. It gives me a great feeling when I’m able to help someone else’s vision come together and watch their dream become realized, even if its only a small part.  I like to think that getting me car to the point it is today is an accomplishment, and I think allot of other people would agree with me…
Best Time?60′ 1.825
Do you have any regrets along the way?My biggest regret is ordering through Excessive Motorsports.. Avoid them like the plague.  I also regret selling my 87 GT.. But I am working on getting it back…
What was or is your favorite vehicle to this day and why?My favorite vehicle is my 94′.. I love it.. Plain and simple. I really feel like I’ve made all the right major choices along the way with my car… I wanted the new SN95 body style, but I didn’t like the MOD motors.. So the 94′ was my idea of a “best of both worlds” scenario. I wanted a fast car, but not a “race” car.. I feel I’ve attained that now, and I don’t want to go too much farther with the 94′ because I like it the way it is.. Refinement is the key at this point…  I’ve also always had a softspot for 68 Shelby Mustang 500KR’s, but now they are associated with the movie “Speed” which put a damper on that a little.. I have a dream of finding one some day in a deserted farm house…  (Yeah right!!!)
What does Chris Purvis do for enjoyment besides racing?Well there’s all of Krimpets handoff ladies, which keeps me very busy in it self….. But besides them, I’m into computers and I’m also a big Sci-Fi fan.. I love the shore and I bike ride.. Robyn and I have also been spending more and more time together which has been alot of fun as well..  Also I’ve been spending some time on compiling the SSOTN Spring Nats video…
What was your main reason was for becoming a part of the Internet’s first and best Mustang club?Bill Tumas and TrackToys 
Who is your biggest rival on the track, and why?My biggest rival I think right now is Eric (RdRunner) and Bob C, (Blown89). Eric and I have close combos so we were competitive from the start. He is fun to race because he doesn’t take things too seriously and we always have fun… Bob and I work together and are always smack talking to each other, and we also have similar combos, so its always fun when I’m racing either one of these two… Qwikhuh’s car is NA right now, so until he ups the ante, he isn’t much of a threat..
What type of events would you like to see the club do in the future?How about a smash-up derby?  That would be cool…. Gentlemans clubs are always fun too 🙂
Honestly, I like it the way we have it….
Shout-Outs?My Dad for giving me my Love of Mustangs… Bill for putting up with my shit and giving me competition since our freshman year of College.  Brian Kirk and Krimpet for making me laugh and getting me drunk when I needed it. (I know, there were alot of those times) Bob Catherman for hauling my ass around to pick up my car and for advice.. Also my exgirlfriend Josie, who got lost with me one night trying to find Larocca’s (later turned into a big fight).
Ray from Performance Specialties for his help over the years.. Jimmy C and Eddie from Larocca’s for putting with all my crap, and their help with the Supercharger and the rear..
One last question,  What’s the best thing about your car to you, and why?Rich likes my hidden shift light best.:).. But my favorite thing about my car would be the fact that with such a basic and streetable combo, it puts out so much damn power.. when it thumped out 500rwhp on Larocca’s dyno, I was floored… I jumped up from my cube at work, and started chanting this weird song about how my car has 500 horses and I was going to kick everyones butt.. Everyone was just staring…. LOL…. Hopefully I’ll have a little more on tap now with the Extrude Honed intake. (insert Home Improvement chant here) I love the boost!!!!